COVID-19 Outbreak Spurs Travel Bans, Other Responses, Impacts Global Financial Markets

AP: Spread of coronavirus triggers travel bans, U.S. market plunge
“Sweeping travel bans accelerated around the globe Thursday, walling regions apart, keeping people inside their homes and slowing the engines of commerce to slow the unfolding coronavirus pandemic. In the U.S., stocks dropped so fast that it triggered a halt in trading for the second time in a week…” (Hinnant/Winfield, 3/12).

Financial Times: U.K. set to move to next phase in coronavirus fight (Hughes/Neville, 3/12).

The Guardian: Lesbos coronavirus case sparks fears for refugee camp (Fallon/Grant, 3/11).

New York Times: U.K. Shields Its Economy From the Virus, but Not Yet Its People (Landler et al., 3/11).

NPR: Singapore Wins Praise For Its COVID-19 Strategy. The U.S. Does Not (Beaubien, 3/12).

Reuters: Iran says it has asked IMF for $5 billion emergency funding to fight coronavirus (Hafezi/Barbuscia, 3/12).

Wall Street Journal: Tightened Borders Re-Emerge in Fight Against Coronavirus Pandemic (Trofimov, 3/12).