Coronavirus Vaccine Research Speeds Along But Some Scientists Warn 18 Month Timetable Presents Challenges

CNN: The timetable for a coronavirus vaccine is 18 months. Experts say that’s risky (Kuznia, 3/31).

Financial Times: BAT joins race to develop Covid-19 vaccine (Nilsson/Cookson, 4/1).

Reuters: British American Tobacco working on COVID-19 vaccine using tobacco leaves (Cavale, 4/1).

Science: With record-setting speed, vaccinemakers take their first shots at the new coronavirus (Cohen, 3/31).

Science: The $1 billion bet: Pharma giant and U.S. government team up in all-out coronavirus vaccine push (Cohen, 3/31).

Science: Speed coronavirus vaccine testing by deliberately infecting volunteers? Not so fast, some scientists warn (Cohen, 3/31).