Coronavirus Pandemic To Cut Global Economic Output By $8.5T Over Next 2 Years, U.N. Report Predicts

Devex: COVID-19 will push 130 million into poverty by 2030, U.N. report shows
“Global economic losses will likely cause an estimated 34.3 million additional people to fall below the extreme poverty line in 2020, derailing shaky progress on the 2030 development agenda, a new U.N. report on the world economic situation shows. The coronavirus is expected to slash the global economic output by $8.5 trillion over the next two years, according to the U.N. World Economic Situation and Prospects mid-2020 report, which the U.N. Department of Economic and Social Affairs released on Wednesday…” (Lieberman, 5/14).

Additional coverage of the pandemic’s impacts on the global economy is available from The Hill and U.N. News.