Continued U.S. Investment In Global Health Necessary To Save Lives, Protect Americans

Roll Call: The Unseen Effects of Ebola
Bruce Wilkinson, president and CEO of Catholic Medical Mission Board

“Pandemics as rapid and devastating as the current Ebola outbreak, although rare, serve as an important reminder of the critical security and humanitarian work the U.S. does around the world and here at home — not with drones and air bases, but with medical tents and syringes. … The tragedy of Ebola is going to be made all the worse if we do not continue to vigorously support all global health, not just in the countries hit by the disease, but in the dozens of countries where foreign aid is making unprecedented advancements in global health and development. … A supplemental funding request for Ebola may be essential to continue global health work that saves lives and protects us here at home…” (12/4).