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Congress’s Response To Zika ‘Unsympathetic,’ ‘Shameful’

Baltimore Sun: Capitol Hill’s shameful indifference to Zika
Editorial Board

“…Only one group seems remarkably unconcerned about Zika and the threat it poses to public health: the men and women of the United States Congress who left Washington last week for a seven-week recess without approving a dime more in spending to combat Zika. … [T]he timing could scarcely have been worse. It means some local communities won’t have the money to spray for mosquitoes, and development of a vaccine will be delayed as researchers at the National Institutes of Health have already been forced to halt testing. … There may be more fearsome diseases on the planet — the majority of adults recover from a Zika infection without permanent disability — but rarely has a public health threat of this magnitude evoked such a unsympathetic response from Congress. Shame on all of them for not staying on the Senate floor until their work was done” (7/20).