Congressional Approval Of Global Food Security Act Would Provide U.S. ‘Historic Opportunity’ To Reduce Global Hunger, Improve Nutrition

Roll Call: Global Food Security Act a Critical Step Forward in Ending Hunger
Ambassador Daniel Speckhard, president and CEO of Lutheran World Relief

“…[T]he Global Food Security Act of 2015, introduced by Reps. Christopher H. Smith, R-N.J., Betty McCollum, D-Minn., and nearly a dozen others on both sides of the aisle could make … a significant impact. With more than 800 million hungry people around the world, the U.S. must have a smart approach for addressing global hunger. The act sets forth a comprehensive strategy for assistance to developing countries to increase sustainable and equitable agricultural development, reduce global hunger, improve nutrition and, ultimately, achieve food and nutrition security. With this act, the United States has a historic opportunity to help some of the world’s poorest communities get a hand up on developing sustainable solutions to poverty and food insecurity…” (4/7).