U.S. Congress Should Support International Family Planning Programs

The Hill: Family planning saves lives, so why did the House cut it?
Lisa Bos, director of government relations at World Vision U.S.

“…Culture, religion, and myths drive [some families in developing countries] to have many children, regardless of the health impact. Parents lack information about why timing births to a mother’s healthiest years (ages 18 to 35) is important and why spacing children by at least three years gives them the best chance and best start in life. They lack access to not only the right family planning information about why to time and space their pregnancies, but also to the correct information about family planning methods that can be used consistent with their religious and cultural views. … These are programs that the United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID) International Family Planning account supports, working through partners like World Vision … Congress must do the right thing this year and give strong support to these vital and lifesaving programs” (8/26).