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Congress Should Fund Zika Without Using Ebola Funds

Miami Herald: Congress must fully fund battle against Zika and Ebola
Sylvia Burwell, U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services

“…[Some members] in Congress want to meet [the Zika] challenge by stripping funds away from our Ebola response and our continued efforts to prepare countries to build up their public health capabilities. In asking us to redirect critical Ebola money to Zika, they’re forgetting the lessons we learned. We have to finish the job on Ebola, even as we act now to slow the spread of Zika. We continue to see Ebola flare-ups in West Africa … We can’t sacrifice one urgent health priority in the name of another. As Congress understood in 2014, an investment in our global health community is an investment in the health of our nation. Now, we’re looking to Congress to properly fund the effort to fight Zika, and to do it without sacrificing the commitments we have already made to strengthen global health security around the world and here at home” (6/20).