Congress Should Approve Zika Funding, Not Divert Resources From Ebola Response

Huffington Post: Congress’ Big Gamble On the Health of America’s Children by Defunding Ebola to Fund Zika
Thomas Kenyon, president and CEO of Project HOPE

“…Diverting resources from Ebola makes little sense … Congress needs to approve the money to fight Zika, and quickly. By not providing appropriate funding for U.S. government agencies, who more than earned their credibility with the American people during Ebola, Congress is gambling with both the health of unborn American children and with the health security of Americans in general. The gamble is that $500 million for Zika is sufficient when experts say it isn’t, that the Zika virus won’t be actively transmitted on the mainland when experts say it will, and that withdrawal from maintaining Ebola control in West Africa won’t threaten health security again when experts say it could” (4/19).