Congress Should Approve Larger Budget For Zika Efforts

CNN: Spend now to fight the Zika virus
Jennifer Caudle, family medicine physician and assistant professor of family medicine at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

“…Should Congress approve a larger budget to help fight Zika? Absolutely. … A common misconception is that Zika is a problem in ‘other’ countries and that it is not a relevant concern for the United States. It is true that Zika is predominantly found in other countries, but the idea that it is not a concern for the United States is false. … We shouldn’t overreact or be alarmist, but we should have an approach to Zika that is based on the best scientific evidence and information available. … Given what we know about the Zika virus and its potential health consequences, we have the unique opportunity to address Zika proactively. In fact, it is our obligation. Investing in Zika preparedness and prevention should begin now and funding should be a priority” (4/7).