Confusion Surrounds U.S. Humanitarian Aid To Other Nations For Novel Coronavirus

AP: Virus pandemic collides with Trump’s disdain for foreign aid
“President Donald Trump’s well-known disdain for foreign aid is colliding with the imperatives of fighting the coronavirus pandemic, as his administration boasts about America’s generosity for countries in dire need while still generating confusion and anger on the global stage…” (Lee/Weissenstein, 4/17).

New York Times: U.S. Sends Funds to Needy Nations to Fight the Virus, but Maybe Not for Masks
“The Trump administration is considering new rules that would limit how American humanitarian aid is used to buy masks, plastic gloves and other protective medical equipment to combat the coronavirus in some of the world’s neediest nations. Instead, the administration is working to secure those supplies for Americans first as the pandemic sweeps around the world. The internal debate is the latest example of a global race for limited medical gear that puts countries that are poor, are unstable, or have deficient health systems at a deadly disadvantage…” (Jakes/Kanno-Youngs, 4/16).