Community-Led Development Key To Building Resilience

Christian Science Monitor: The bounty that heads off famine
Editorial Board

“…The idea of community-led development has now blossomed worldwide. The change can be seen in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Not only has the U.N. set a goal to end persistent hunger by 2030, it also calls for participatory decisionmaking ‘at all levels.’ … The conceptual shift lies in seeing the poor less as victims or beneficiaries and more as leaders with all the qualities, such as integrity, to deal with a disaster. They may need immediate food aid or tips on how a community can define a new future. But the talents and resources to end their own hunger lie largely within. The poor’s dignity is not so much restored as it is expressed. If given the capacity to set their own goals, the hungry should be seen as partners in solving their problems, not clients or dependents. … In that idea lies resilience” (7/24).