Collaboration, Integrated Approach Important To Reach Development Goals

Devex: A road map to transforming lives
Mark Viso, president and CEO of Pact

“…Despite our best intentions and years of good work, the current model of development continues to prove unsatisfying to many of us. Many efforts continue to be pursued in silos. There is a lack of mutual accountability and no transparent, peer-reviewed way of determining what works and what doesn’t. And yet, some bright spots hold promise for a better way forward. Genuine partnerships across geographies and sectors that lead to true collaboration; energy and interest around a shared framework for measurement and open data; local solutions and local ownership emerging as both the means and the end; and the value of an integrated approach rather than various siloed approaches. When combined, we believe these four facets form a more sustainable, richer, more equitable model for development…” (4/24).