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Climate Change’s Impacts On Global Food Production Could Cause 500K Deaths By 2050, Study Shows

News outlets discuss findings from a study published in The Lancet examining the health effects of climate change on food production.

SciDev.Net: Climate change to force deadly diet shift
“…Changes in temperature and precipitation ‘are expected to reduce global crop productivity’ and drive people to eat less red meat and less water-intensive fruit and vegetables, says the study published [Wednesday] in The Lancet. This would counteract ongoing efforts to improve nutrition among the world’s poorest people…” (Rabesandratana, 3/3).

Washington Post: Food scarcity caused by climate change could cause 500,000 deaths by 2050, study suggests
“…The food-related deaths would be caused by two major factors: people not getting the right type of nutrition, and people simply being underweight. The majority of all the predicted deaths were found to be caused by the nutrition factors, mostly by people being forced to eat fewer fruits and vegetables. However, the effects were somewhat variable in different regions of the world…” (Harvey, 3/2).