Climate Change Impacting Global Health, Food Production, Insect Activity, Studies Show

Scientific American: Climate Change Is Having a Major Impact on Global Health
“…[C]limate change is making … extreme weather more common — and the effects will not be limited to the old and sick. Warming temperatures do not only threaten lives directly. They also cause billions of hours of lost labor, enhance conditions for the spread of infectious diseases, and reduce crop yields, according to a recent report. The report, published last December in The Lancet, represents the latest findings of The Lancet Countdown — a coalition of international research organizations collaborating with the World Health Organization and the World Meteorological Organization. The group tracks the health impacts of — and government responses to — climate change…” (Lewis, March 2019).

Scientific American: Warming Climate Implies More Flies — and Disease
“The incidence of foodborne illness could jump in a warming world, due to an increase in housefly activity…” (Intagliata, 2/20).