Clean Cooking Technologies Can Improve Women’s Health, ‘Create Community Change’

Nature: Sustainability: Clean cooking empowers women
Laura S. Brown, program coordinator, and William F. Lankford, founder and president of the Central American Solar Energy Project (CASEP)

“…For nearly 25 years, [the Central American Solar Energy Project (CASEP)] has provided financial and technical assistance to thousands of poor, rural women for the construction of solar ovens in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Honduras. CASEP weaves into its programs opportunities for women to break gender barriers and receive education on health, human rights, leadership, and community engagement. … Leaders in public policy, sustainable technologies, emerging energy markets, and international development should focus on encouraging women to adopt clean cooking practices. Conversion efforts towards cleaner stoves that leverage savings in women’s time and resources for the common good will amplify the benefits and create community change” (5/20).