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Conflict Must Stop In Order To ‘Build A Better Future’ For S. Sudan

Washington Post: Saving South Sudan from chaos
“South Sudan, a new nation midwifed into being by the United States out of the ashes of war, is sinking into a mire of senseless violence and chaos. President Salva Kiir and rebel leader Riek Machar are wrecking their country in a conflict that has lasted more than 100 days and threatens more severe human suffering in the months ahead. … The violence has impeded humanitarian work everywhere in the country. Diseases including measles, malaria, meningitis, and diarrheal illnesses threaten the population. … South Sudan’s independence was a foreign policy success for the Obama administration, but it is turning into a nightmare. The United States can still help the people of South Sudan build a better future, but first, and urgently, Mr. Kiir and Mr. Machar must step back from the abyss” (4/9).