Cholera, Malnutrition Rampant In Yemen As Conflict Destroys Sanitation, Health Care Systems, NGOs, U.N. Warn

CNN: Yemen: Million children at risk from cholera, charity says
“More than a million children already suffering from acute malnutrition are at risk from a cholera outbreak sweeping war-torn Yemen, charity Save the Children warned Wednesday…” (Smith-Spark, 8/2).

NPR: 1 Million Malnourished Children At Risk Of Cholera In Yemen
“…Oxfam says the war ‘has destroyed or damaged more than half the country’s health facilities as the cholera outbreak rages on.’ And as Save the Children writes, ‘vital public servants such as health workers have not been paid for nearly a year’…” (Kennedy, 8/2).

United Press International: Yemen struggling under weight of cholera epidemic
“…The United Nations said the country’s continued war, lack of proper sanitation systems, economic struggles, and prevalent rates of poverty are worsening the cholera crisis’ effects. Government forces have fought Houthi rebels for the last two years in Yemen…” (Howard, 8/2).