China Can Be Model For ‘Implementing Sustainable, Effective Tobacco Control Policies’

Huffington Post: World No Tobacco Day: Tobacco Control Offers Proven Public Health Benefits — Will China Seize the Opportunity?
Jeffrey Sturchio, senior partner at RabinMartin, and Ambassador Sally Cowal, senior vice president of global health at the American Cancer Society

“…China alone has an estimated 300 million smokers — nearly as many people as the entire population of the United States. Despite the fact that smoking is a major risk factor for disease, tobacco is also a significant contributor to China’s economy, which begs the question, is China doing as much as it can to reduce the prevalence of smoking? … China can be a model for other countries trying to navigate the very troubling relationship between the economic gains and detrimental effects of smoking. It’s time for China to put the health of its people first and lead the way in implementing sustainable, effective tobacco control policies” (5/30).