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Children In Middle East Suffer Detrimental Effects Of War, Experts Say

News outlets report on the negative effects of war and violence on children in the Middle East.

U.N. News Centre: Not a single child untouched by recent Gaza conflict, says U.N. rights expert
“There is not a single child who has not been adversely affected by the recent conflict in Gaza, where children suffer from bedwetting, difficulties in sleeping, nightmares, a loss of appetite, and display more aggressive behavior at school, an independent United Nations human rights expert said [Monday]…” (9/29).

Washington Post: Lebanon ill-equipped to handle mental health issues of Syrian refugee children
“…[A] devastating mental health crisis … is taking hold among Syria’s refugee children, many of whom fled destruction at home into neighboring Lebanon, only to suffer the trauma of displacement — as well as exploitation, communal tensions, and domestic violence. The stress has left many with mental illnesses that include anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and developmental problems…” (Shaheen, 9/27).