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Childhood Nutrition Must Include Access To Both Proteins, Micronutrients

Huffington Post: Have we Been Hooked on Micronutrients in our Search for the Solution to Stunting?
Klaus Kraemer, director of the Sight and Life Foundation, and Richard D. Semba, professor at Johns Hopkins University

“…[S]tunted children are in reality not receiving sufficient quality protein from their diet and this lack of essential amino acids means children will not grow normally even if they receive the necessary micronutrients. … Providing protein with sufficient levels of the essential amino acids will be a major challenge and will require substantial investment and innovations in the agricultural sector. The protein solution will also need to ensure the supply of … micronutrients if we are to avoid repeating our error. … After 40 years of what might be called ‘protein neglect,’ the time has come for the nutrition community to start talking about food rather than nutrients” (4/1).