Child Marriage To Cost Developing Countries Billions Of Dollars By 2030, Report Says

Devex: Child marriage set to cost developing countries billions of dollars by 2030
“Ending child marriage could add billions of dollars to developing countries’ economies by slowing population growth, improving education and health outcomes for young girls and their children, reducing government budgets, and boosting women’s earning potential, according to new research. Early marriage is linked to a range of negative social, health, and education impacts for the girls themselves, and many of these are passed to their children, making it an intergenerational problem…” (Edwards, 6/27).

NPR: The Billion Dollar Cost Of Child Marriage
“…[A] new report by the World Bank and the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) … analyzes the impact of child marriage on the national budgets and economic growth of 25 countries where at least one in three women marry before age 18. Its conclusion: By 2030 child marriage will cost developing countries billions of dollars in health care and education costs as well as lost earnings potential…” (Aizenman, 6/27).