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Chikungunya Cases Continue To Rise In Caribbean

News outlets discuss chikungunya, a mosquito-borne virus that is becoming prevalent in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Associated Press: Virus strikes hard in Haiti’s crowded shantytowns
“…This latest scourge in Haiti is chikungunya. It’s a rarely fatal but intensely painful mosquito-borne virus that has spread rapidly through the Caribbean and parts of Latin America … Haiti is proving to be particularly vulnerable because so many people live … packed together in rickety housing with dismal sanitation and surrounded by ideal breeding grounds for the mosquitoes that carry the illness…” (McFadden, 7/3).

BBC News: Sharp rise of chikungunya virus cases in the Caribbean
“The number of suspected and confirmed cases of chikungunya virus in Caribbean countries has risen sharply over past weeks, health officials say…” (7/2).