CHANGE Report Examines Impact Of Mexico City Policy In Malawi

IPS: U.S. President’s Global Gag Rule is Having Negative Impact on the Health of Malawians: Report
“A report released last week has detailed the complex ways in which President Donald Trump’s [reinstated and expanded Mexico City policy, also known as the ‘global gag rule’ (GGR)], that blocks U.S. global health assistance to foreign non-governmental facilities providing abortion or abortion-related services, is affecting the population in Malawi, a country already hard hit with numerous climate change disasters. The report, titled ‘A Powerful Force: U.S. Global Health Assistance and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Malawi,’ was released on Feb. 10 by Washington, D.C.-based sexual and reproductive health rights organization CHANGE, the Center for Health and Gender Equity…” (Sadeque, 2/19).