CGD Report, Event Examine Disaster Response Funding

Center for Global Development’s “CGD Podcast”: How to Make Disasters Predictable
In this podcast, Rajesh Mirchandani, vice president of communications and policy outreach at CGD, examines a new CGD report that “looks at how we can pre-arrange disaster response funding using the principles and practices of insurance, so that countries get the money as soon as they need it and donors actually pay less in the long run. We launched the report at a recent CGD event with working group co-chairs Stefan Dercon — chief economist at DFID, professor of economics at Oxford University, and co-author of a book called Dull Disasters — and Owen Barder, CGD vice president and director of our Europe program. They were joined by two members of the working group: Alice Albright, head of the Global Partnership for Education, and Rowan Douglas of insurance group Willis Towers Watson. Today’s podcast brings you a flavor of that event” (4/27).