CGD Report Discusses Future Of Global Health Procurement

Center for Global Development: The Changing Landscape of Global Health Procurement, Explained in Four Graphs
Janeen Madan Keller, senior policy analyst and assistant director of global health, and Rachel Silverman, policy fellow, both at CGD, discuss a CGD working group report on global health procurement and highlight four graphs that help explain why “national and international procurement systems are often failing to deliver access to essential medicines at affordable prices” (6/17).

Center for Global Development: Four Recommendations to Accelerate Global Access to Quality, Affordable Health Products
In a separate post, Keller and Silverman continue to discuss the CGD report’s results and highlight four recommendations to accelerate global access to quality, affordable health products: “1. Sustain and expand global cooperation for procurement and targeted innovation … 2. Reform WHO guidance and policy to support modern and agile procurement policy and practice … 3. Professionalize procurement by building capacity and driving strategic practice … 4. Support in-country procurement policy reform” (6/17).