CGD Experts Outline Global Health Opportunities for U.K. Post-Brexit

Center for Global Development: Four Ways the U.K. Can Shape Global Health Post-Brexit
Kalipso Chalkidou, director of global health policy and senior fellow at the Center for Global Development, and colleagues write, “With a new government in majority and Brexit certainty greater, there is an opportunity for the U.K. to make a global mark in four areas of global health and development. … (1) expanding access to pharmaceuticals by making health product markets work for the poor; (2) tackling the U.K.’s shortage of health professionals through a win-win global skills partnership; (3) embedding health security within the broader defense and stabilization strategy; and (4) improving multilateral performance through the application of appropriate incentives, all while avoiding micromanagement and moving decision-making authority closer to beneficiary countries…” (1/14).