CGD Examines Ghana Case Study, Offers Suggestions For Finding Efficiencies In National Health Spending

Center for Global Development’s “Global Health Policy Blog”: More Health for the Money through Better Purchasing Decisions: The Case of Ghana
Kalipso Chalkidou, director of global health policy and senior fellow at CGD, discusses an analysis that examines the role of Ghana’s national health insurance scheme (NHIS) in managing hypertension in the country, writing, “According to the … analysis, what drives inefficient spending boils down to two questions: a. What hypertension medicines is Ghana’s NHIS buying? b. How much is Ghana’s NHIS paying for the medicines it buys? … The global health community ought to help Ghana and countries like it strengthen their national systems for allocating resources including when selecting, negotiating prices, and procuring medicines for their populations” (11/21).