CFR Blog Examines Debate Over TPP Tobacco Regulation Proposals

In a Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) “Expert Brief,” Thomas Bollyky, a CFR senior fellow for global health, economics, and development, examines debate over the treatment of tobacco under the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), “the pending trade deal between the United States and eleven other countries.” He continues, “The White House has tried to finesse the issue, recently proposing that the TPP agreement acknowledge tobacco as a health concern but otherwise treat it no differently from other products. That compromise has satisfied no one.” Bollyky writes, “Health advocates are furious that the White House dropped its previous proposal for a stronger tobacco control exception in the TPP agreement,” adding the “controversy over tobacco has backed U.S. trade officials into a corner.” He offers three ways in which “the administration should exempt tobacco control measures from legal challenge under the TPP” (9/5).