CDC Will Continue Efforts To End Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Global immunization: 50 Years of work and success
Rebecca Martin, director of the CDC’s Center for Global Health

“…CDC will continue working closely with governments and ministries of health in countries where disease takes a heavy toll and where immunization systems have gaps. … At the same time, CDC will continue to conduct research and share best practices to ensure governments can detect and respond to infectious disease threats before they become national, regional, or international crises. … This year we are building on our role as the lead of the global Polio Oversight Board to focus efforts at transitioning the resources of polio to end other childhood disease like measles. We … are guided by what we’ve achieved so far, the indisputable need of what’s left to be done, and the understanding that CDC, working arm-in-arm with ministries of health and an array of other partners, won’t stop until the job is finished” (4/26).