CDC Releases New Interim Guidelines On Zika Prevention

News outlets report on new CDC interim guidelines on Zika prevention.

CQ HealthBeat: CDC Issues New Zika Recommendations
“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has for the first time issued recommendations to minimize the risk of Zika virus in men and women who are not pregnant, going beyond previous recommendations that only applied to women already expecting children and their partners…” (Siddons, 3/25).

New York Times: CDC Offers Guidelines for Delaying Pregnancy After Zika Exposure
“Federal health authorities said for the first time on Friday how long couples who have been exposed to the Zika virus should wait before trying to get pregnant…” (Tavernise, 3/25).

Reuters: U.S. urges waiting period before conception after Zika infection
“U.S. health officials are recommending that women wait at least two months, and men at least six, before attempting to conceive after infection with Zika, a virus linked to thousands of suspected cases of birth defects in Brazil…” (Steenhuysen, 3/26).

Washington Post: Sex in a time of Zika: CDC issues more detailed guidelines
“…The CDC released the new guidance in three reports. It and the World Health Organization had already issued warnings about the dangers of Zika infection for fetal development — particularly brain damage — and the importance of couples using condoms or abstaining. But with sexual transmission turning out to be more common than initially thought, U.S. health officials became much more specific…” (Sun, 3/25).