Cash Transfer Programming In Humanitarian Situations Must Include Gender Considerations

Devex: Opinion: For cash transfers to work, we can’t ignore gender
Karen Peachey, interim director of the Cash Learning Partnership

“We know that gender inequalities mean that disasters and conflicts affect populations differently. As humanitarian actors, we must carefully consider the ways emergencies can exacerbate women’s and girls’ existing vulnerabilities and create new risks for all, including men and boys. … There is a growing body of evidence on how [cash transfer programming (CTP)] impacts household relationships and can be used to empower women and girls in development settings. … Cash transfers have the potential to bring enormous benefits, including greater choice and dignity to people affected by crises. But for these benefits to be felt by everyone, and for their full potential to be realized, we need to make sure that gender outcomes are at the forefront of our thinking. We have made the commitment: Now is the time to act” (10/5).