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Canada Signs Food Assistance Convention

“Canada is one of six countries to sign the new Food Assistance Convention [.pdf], an international treaty in which each country promises to provide at least $250 million a year to help developing countries,” the Canadian Press/Huffington Post’s “Impact” blog reports, noting, “Julian Fantino, minister of international cooperation, made the announcement Tuesday while speaking at Saskatoon’s Global Food Security Forum.” The news service writes, “He won’t say exactly how much Canada will be pledging but says it’s important to make sure certain countries have food during a crisis,” adding, “The program will allow people to use vouchers to buy food in local markets and use seeds and tools ‘to help restart livelihoods following emergencies.'” The news service notes, “Japan, Denmark, the European Union, Switzerland and the United States will join Canada in meeting for the first time this month for the Food Assistance Convention” (2/5).