Campaign To Reduce Maternal Mortality Using Mobile Technology Launched

Media sources report on the launch of a new campaign, Zero Mothers Die, aimed at reducing maternal mortality by providing mothers with access to health care information through mobile phones.

Newsweek: The $30 Pink Cellphone That Could Help Save the Lives of Pregnant Women
“A new campaign launched Monday is hoping to reduce deaths of expectant mothers in developing countries by providing them with mobile phones loaded with health advice and emergency numbers. The Zero Mothers Die campaign, launched at the Global Sustainable Development Foundation meeting at the United Nations on Monday, aims to improve the lives of pregnant women by giving them access to vital health care information through mobile phones they have dubbed ‘Mum’s Phone’…” (Westcott, 9/23).

UNAIDS: Zero Mothers Die: bold new initiative launched at U.N. General Assembly event
“…Unveiled at the 5th Women Leaders Forum on 22 September, the campaign seeks to ensure that all women and girls have universal access to information and services supporting maternal, newborn, and child health. Zero Mothers Die intends to use information and communications technologies, including mobile technology, to deliver timely health care information to women in need…” (9/22).