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Businesses Have Role To Play In Addressing Climate Change, Achieving SDGs

Washington Post: My company’s carbon footprint is the size of a small country. We need to act.
Stephen Badger, chair of Mars Inc.

“…One of the key characteristics of the Paris agreement is that it extends beyond governments to engage businesses. … [P]eople often asked me if there really is a sound business case for tackling issues such as climate change and poverty. The answer is an unqualified yes. First, investment in operating sustainably delivers cost savings. … Second, for a company such as Mars that is dependent on agriculture, our investments are creating a more resilient and resource-efficient supply chain where smallholder farmers and others can thrive. … Finally, there are rewards for doing the right thing. … [W]e must drive an agenda that is forward-looking and focused, demonstrating what we stand for through our actions as a business. This is a call to action for all in business to double down in support of the Paris agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. Business not only has a seat at the table; it has a vested interest in collaborating with everyone at the table…” (10/5).