Business Sector, Governments Must Form Partnerships To Achieve SDGs

Huffington Post: The Business Case for the Sustainable Development Goals
Doug Frantz, OECD deputy secretary general

“…We need to convince the business sector and governments that we will fail to achieve the [Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)] unless they form an unprecedented partnership. Governments cannot do it alone. Official Development Assistance, administered through the OECD Development Assistance Committee, is critical, but far from enough. Foundations, charities, and NGOs have big roles to play, but they can’t lift this burden. … Government leaders need to take into account the interests of business when they discuss investments. … Business leaders need to see that the SDGs are not just a public good — they are good business. … We need … concrete steps to establish a common language between governments and business in order to start a meaningful dialogue on the value of the SDGs to take us from the world we have to the world we want to have” (3/14).