Building Strong Health Systems Vital To Protecting Against Future Pandemics

Devex: Opinion: Strong health systems are our best defense against pandemics
Mandeep Dhaliwal, director of UNDP’s HIV, Health & Development Practice

“…When it comes to fighting infectious diseases, the best offense is a strong defense. By building strong and resilient health systems at scale, we can maximize our chances of being prepared for the next pandemic, regardless of where or when it hits. … As countries develop policies and capacities to counter pandemics, let’s not forget that research and development, while important, is insufficient on its own. Building strong health systems and technical capacity is critical to prepare for emerging threats, including diseases that may not exist yet. We may not know exactly when the next outbreak will strike, but experts agree that the world is at risk of another major pandemic … In today’s world where diseases don’t abide by borders, global health systems are only as strong as the weakest link. Investing in strong health systems is our best bet to protect ourselves and stop local outbreaks before they turn into global pandemics” (2/2).