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BUILD Act Should Address Rule Of Law Conditions In Target Countries To Ensure Successful, Sustainable Investments

The Hill: BUILD Act needs a stronger rule of law foundation
Hilarie Bass, president of the American Bar Association and co-president of Greenberg Traurig

“…The ‘Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development Act of 2018,’ or ‘BUILD Act,’ introduced in Congress in late February, has bipartisan support in Congress and fans among development advocates and the private sector alike. … Unfortunately, the draft legislation fails adequately to address the rule of law conditions that make for a healthy investment and sustainable development climate. … Consideration of the quality of governance in countries targeted for investment should be more than a mere suggestion in the law. … [The act’s] success will require development of standards for governance in countries targeted for investment and support for coordinated programs of technical assistance to lay the rule of law foundation on which private sector investment can flourish” (3/26).