Brookings Institution Research Collaboration Examines How To Increase Private Sector Investment In Global Health R&D

Brookings Institution: Spurring private investment in global health research and development
Jake Schneider, research assistant at Brookings, John Villasenor, nonresident senior fellow for governance studies and the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, and Darrell M. West, vice president and director of governance studies and founding director of the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, discuss the importance of “incentivizing investors and pharmaceutical companies to raise their investment in global health R&D.” They write, “A team of researchers in the Center for Technological Innovation at the Brookings Institution, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Washington’s Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, recently began a two-year project aimed at finding ways to address this investment shortfall. The project recognizes the need to complement the research on the social returns to global health R&D by examining the potential financial returns to private sector global health R&D investors, and offers policy solutions that can boost those returns.” They note a health governance capacity index is expected to be released in March 2017 and a report on global health R&D spending is set to be published in the summer (1/5).