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Brazil’s Attorney General Asks High Court To Allow Abortion Among Women With Zika; Disease Doubled Neurological Birth Defects In Nation Since 2008, Researchers Say

CNN: Zika doubled devastating birth defects in Brazil
“…The rate of birth defects involving the nervous system nearly doubled across Brazil after Zika arrived. This stark statistical reality was discovered by a team of researchers from Brazil’s Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, which analyzed hospital records across Brazil from 2008, well before Zika arrived, until the end of February 2016…” (LaMotte, 9/8).

Wall Street Journal: Brazil’s Attorney General Asks High Court to Allow Abortions for Women With Zika
“Brazil’s attorney general is urging the nation’s Supreme Court to permit abortions for pregnant women infected with the Zika virus. Although there is no timeline yet for the high court to take up the matter, the proposal by Attorney General Rodrigo Janot has sparked objections from religious leaders and some legal authorities in socially conservative Brazil…” (Jelmayer/Johnson, 9/8).