Brazilian Town, Researchers Work To Prevent, Investigate Zika Virus

Huffington Post: How A Town In Brazil Reportedly Rid Itself Of The Zika Mosquito
“…Compared to other similarly sized rural towns in Brazil, Água Branca should have a mosquito problem. But in 2013, when Zika virus wasn’t even an issue, the town launched a community initiative to address rising dengue fever rates. The partnership between municipal health authorities and residents focused on eliminating mosquito hotspots, and as a result, Água Branca has reportedly been mosquito-free for three years. Now the state’s governor is taking the program to other towns, where officials hope to replicate Água Branca’s success…” (Rosa/Almendrala, 2/29).

Newsweek: How a Small Team of Doctors Convinced the World to Stop Ignoring Zika
“…Urged on by an independent experts committee, the WHO finally decreed a global health emergency in February 2016. After weeks of sleepless nights, [physician Carlos Brito, who investigated Brazil’s microcephaly outbreak] — the father of three young women — could finally breathe; the world had opened its eyes to the medical crisis that was first uncovered three months ago by a small group of doctors in northeast Brazil. Public health officials across the Americas are now working feverishly to devise some solution to Zika…” (Braga, 2/29).