Brazil President Joins Supporters In Protest Over Novel Coronavirus Pandemic Restrictions, Raising Concern Among Judges, Human Rights Advocates, Others

NPR: Brazil’s Bolsonaro Joins Supporters In Protest Against Coronavirus Measures
“Brazil’s far-right President Jair Bolsonaro is the focus of a fresh outcry after taking part in a public protest against democratic institutions that included calls for a military takeover. The president’s participation in the event has caused outrage among judges, human rights groups, lawyers, and others, and comes amid growing controversy over his response to the coronavirus crisis. … The protest was particularly aimed at Brazil’s Supreme Court and Congress — institutions regarded with deep hostility by Bolsonaro supporters, who consider them as obstacles to enacting the president’s agenda…” (Reeves, 4/20).

Additional coverage of Bolsonaro’s actions is available from AP and The Guardian.