Brazil Plans ‘Mega-Operation’ To Combat Mosquitoes; Scientists Continue To Investigate Potential Zika Complications

GlobalPost: Brazilian researchers find hundreds more microcephaly cases that predate Zika
“Researchers trying to pinpoint what’s causing birth defects in Brazil might have just hit a setback. A study in Brazil’s northeastern state of Paraiba, published Feb. 4 on the World Health Organization (WHO) website, found there were far more newborns with abnormally small heads than previously reported, and many of the babies were born before Zika apparently reached this country in 2014…” (Carless, 2/11).

The Guardian: Zika virus counterattack: Brazil’s big plan to combat threat not easing fears
“Amid rumors and panic over the Zika virus, the Brazilian government is preparing to launch a ‘mega-operation’ to eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites and to educate the public about its role in combating the spread of disease…” (Douglas, 2/11).

Reuters: Brazil probes three deaths with Zika links, aims for vaccine in a year
“Recent laboratory analyses identified Zika virus infections in three people who died in Brazil last year, the health ministry said on Thursday, although authorities could not confirm that Zika alone was responsible for their deaths…” (Cascione et al., 2/11).

Washington Post: Brazil says a third adult has died of Zika
“Brazil’s health ministry said Thursday that a 20-year-old woman infected with Zika has become the country’s third adult fatality linked to the virus, but scientists caution that they’re only beginning to identify Zika’s potential risks to human health…” (Phillips/Miroff, 2/11).