Both Democrats, Republicans At Fault For Delaying Zika Response Efforts

Post and Courier: Zika aid first, politics later
Editorial Board

“Predictably but sadly, Congress left Washington last week without approving funding to fight the deadly Zika virus. Members are pointing to those on the other side of the aisle as the culprits. But voters should see it as a colossal failure of both sides. … A recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows that 72 percent of Americans (including majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents) want more federal funds allocated to study the Zika virus and prevent its spread. Is it any wonder Americans hold in such low esteem a Congress that is unwilling to get the job done? … Congress is playing politics with people’s lives. … It is shameful that Congress has been unwilling to take measures to protect its constituents. Both Democrats and Republicans need to understand that saving lives is far more important that scoring political points” (7/19).