Blogs Examine Report On TB R&D Funding

“The 2013 Report on Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends: 2005-2012 presents eight years of funding data” and “finds that after seven years of slow and unsteady increases in funding, TB [research and development (R&D)] investors reported a drop in spending in 2012 that threatens to undermine the tenuous gains made since 2005,” Mike Frick, project officer at the Treatment Action Group (TAG), writes in the Global Health Technologies Coalition “Breakthroughs” blog about the organization’s new report on funding for TB product development. He outlines the report’s findings, concluding, “Donors from all sectors in high-, middle-, and low-income countries must recommit to meeting the funding levels required to accelerate TB R&D and end the global TB epidemic” (Taylor, 10/29). The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog also discusses the report, noting that 65 TB experts last week sent a letter (.pdf) to the White House outlining the role of USAID in supporting TB programs (Barton, 10/29).