Blog Summarizes News From AIDS 2014

The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” live-blogged this week from the AIDS 2014 conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Science Speaks: AIDS 2014: Antiretroviral treatment update kicks off final plenary session
“Professor David Cooper kicked off the final opening plenary in Melbourne today with a review on antiretroviral therapy including a review of recommended drug regimens for first and second line treatment, the impact of antiretroviral therapy on transmission, and the state of treatment roll-out…” (Lubinski, 7/24).

Science Speaks: AIDS 2014: Pediatric treatment planning, action call at last plenary
“Shaffiq Essajee spoke during today’s plenary session about HIV prevention and treatment for children with a strong focus on the treatment side…” (Lubinski, 7/24).

Science Speaks: AIDS 2014: Peer programs engage injection drug users in Kenya and Tanzania
“During a symposium on harm reduction and people who use drugs today, researchers from Kenya and Tanzania pointed to strategies and services to increase the participation of people who use drugs in services aimed at reducing their risks of acquiring HIV while improving their well-being…” (Lubinski, 7/25).