Blog Posts, Press Release Address Death Of Nelson Mandela

The following is a summary of two blog posts and a press release published in response to the death of Nelson Mandela on Thursday.

  • The Center for Global Health Policy’s “Science Speaks” blog: The blog highlights “a joint statement [.pdf] from IDSA and HIVMA on the passing of Nelson Mandela and his lasting legacy to global health,” and provides a number of quotes from Mandela addressing health and human rights issues (Barton, 12/6).
  • The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria’s “Voices” blog: “With his characteristic big smile, which 27 years of an isolated jail and hard labor could not dampen, he took the fight against HIV to high heights, helping reverse the slow start of response towards HIV in his country,” the blog states, adding, “His wish for a world that transcended stigma and shame that kept AIDS closeted is one that we still grapple with today.” The blog continues, “To defeat HIV, the world needs a Mandela-esque benevolence and resolve to focus attention and interventions in these people who have been pushed away from the center of the society” (12/6).
  • amfAR press release: “Mandela was instrumental in breaking the silence around HIV/AIDS, and strongly urged the global community to unite in the battle against the disease,” the press release states and provides an overview of his contributions to the global AIDS response. “Witnessing the ravaging effects of the AIDS epidemic across sub-Saharan Africa, the battle against HIV/AIDS became central to Mandela’s mission after his presidency,” the press release notes (12/6).