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Blog Posts Discuss Various Aspects Of Zika Outbreak, Response

American Enterprise Institute’s “Ideas”: Venezuela’s health crisis, including Zika outbreak, threatens the region
Roger F. Noriega, an AEI visiting fellow who coordinates AEI’s program on Latin America, discusses Venezuela’s health care system and the threat of Zika virus. He writes, “Political instability, social upheaval, and a crumbling health care system could have very negative repercussions for many of Venezuela’s neighbors. An intelligent and coordinated regional effort is required to mitigate food and medicine shortages, stabilize the country during a political transition, and eventually reconstruct Venezuela’s crumbling infrastructure…” (2/17).

Council on Foreign Relations’ “The Internationalist”: From Ebola to Zika: Why the World Needs WHO Reform
In a guest post, Daniel Chardell, research associate in CFR’s International Institutions and Global Governance program, discusses priorities for reform at the WHO in light of the Ebola and Zika outbreaks. He concludes, “The WHO’s deficiencies are well-documented, but the remedies are clear. The only missing ingredient is the political will to implement them. If Zika has a silver lining, it may well be that this outbreak has added fuel to the dwindling political momentum for WHO reform…” (2/17).