Blog Posts Discuss U.S., Global Efforts To End TB Epidemic

Health Affairs Blog: Funding Zika But Forgetting Tuberculosis
True Claycombe, policy manager at Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, discusses the global TB epidemic, including U.S. government and private sector responses, writing, “Without robust funding and political commitments by governments and the private sector worldwide, this preventable and treatable disease will continue to be one of the world’s leading infectious killers. We must advocate and hold policymakers accountable for health policies and budgets globally that give this disease the attention — and resources –it deserves” (3/24).

ONE Campaign: On World TB Day, Be Louder Than TB
Lucica Ditiu, executive director of the Stop TB Partnership, and colleagues discuss the Louder than TB campaign to end preventable deaths from TB. “Through this campaign, we are asking governments, decision makers, donors, and others for the following: Better awareness of TB at all levels of the health system … Integrated care … More innovation to develop improved diagnostic, treatment, and prevention tools … More resources…” (3/24).

PLOS “Speaking of Medicine”: Tackling tuberculosis: New models for an old disease
“On World TB Day, Lucy Bell from University College London explores the research which has driven forward our understanding of TB today, and how cutting-edge research techniques are suggesting new strategies for TB treatment…” (3/24).

PLOS “Speaking of Medicine”: Drug-resistant tuberculosis: Not just a precursor to the post-antibiotic apocalypse
“On World TB Day, Jay Achar[, infectious diseases specialist and research adviser within the Manson Unit of Médecins Sans Frontières,] highlights the threat of drug-resistant tuberculosis and calls for improved access to effective new drug regimens…” (3/24).