Blog Posts Discuss Ebola Epidemic Responses

The following blog posts discuss various aspects of the Ebola epidemic.

Center for Global Development’s “Views From The Center”: Six Reasons an Ebola Travel Ban Makes Us No Safer — and No Sense (Moss/Kenny, 10/21).

Defeat DD: Secret to Nigeria’s success in overcoming Ebola: ORS (Simpson, 10/21).

Health Affairs Blog: Thomas Frieden And The U.S. Ebola Response (Morrison, 10/20).

IntraHealth International’s “Vital”: Can the Global Fund Help Address New Health Challenges? (Seifman, 10/21).

National Law Review: Ebola Spurs Global Cooperation to Prevent, Detect, and Respond to Future Health Crises (Pence, 10/21).

Physicians for Human Rights: Ebola: Dying of Poverty for Lack of a Functioning Health Care System (Brown, 10/21).

PLOS “Speaking of Medicine”: Ebola has Taught us a Crucial Lesson about our Views of “Irrational” Health Behaviors (Gorman, 10/22).

USAID’s “IMPACTblog”: “I’ve Never Had a Job Like This”: Life Inside an Ebola Treatment Unit (Wingard, 10/21).